Drew McIntyre: “I’m not Finished with Roman Reigns!”


During a recent interview with Express, Drew McIntyre claimed that he isn’t done with Roman Reigns yet. He said,

“Roman’s always in my sights. Generally the guys I target are not necessarily the ones I’m trying to get rid of, I could just crush them like bugs. I’m going after the ones who are the top dogs because I want them to be the leader. The Shield guys were the main guys and especially Roman Reigns he’s the leader, he’s the top dog, he’s as good as everyone says he is, he should be in that position and that’s why I want that position. I want to challenge myself by fighting the absolute best. Mania didn’t go my way but our match last week which was a little bit more [at] the next level showed what we’re capable of doing together and just laid into each other real good. It’s amazing, everything he’s come through to be able to compete at that level so quickly because we’re really bringing it to each other and he’s a different level athlete but I’m not finished with him. I, or perhaps Drew McIntyre certainly blames Roman Reigns for the way things are because he’s technically the locker room leader and it all happened in his watch where everything kind of fell apart where suddenly we’re on a social media age of complaining. Drew McIntyre blames Roman Reigns for that and he’s going to make him pay for it.”

Of course, Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 35.

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