Drew McIntyre Names Wish List Of Opponents, Adam Cole, Hiroshi Tanahashi


WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was interviewed by Sports Illustrated where he named off a “wish list” of wrestlers he would like to face before he hangs up his wrestling boots.

On his physical match with Lashley at Backlash: “That’s the way I like it and that’s the way Lashley likes it. The WWE universe got a different taste of what Bobby Lashley is capable of, and that is my job as champion—bring my opponent up. Every time I have a big pay-per-view match, it’s my responsibility to have people talking about it the next day.”

On working with Lashley: “Bobby is a once-in-a-lifetime athlete. He’s not built for show, he’s built to go. He has such an impressive MMA and wrestling background outside of the company, and it’s so important for him to be presented in the right manner. I always thought Bobby could talk, too, but now he has MVP by his side, one of the best talkers in the game. Being so big and physical, it’s so perfect working with Bobby. When he’s presented the right way, it is believable that he can take down anyone.”

On wanting to face AJ Styles: “The top of my wish list is AJ. We’re two ships in the night. When I was gone from the company and headed toward Impact Wrestling, he was on the way out and I just missed him. He went to Japan and even though a lot of independent shows tried to get us together, it never worked out. AJ went to WWE, I returned to WWE, but we were both bad guys on Raw. I thought it was finally about to happen, and then he went to SmackDown. Eventually, it’s going to happen.”

On a match with Sheamus: “We were the top feud in Europe before we both signed with WWE in 2007. We wrestled all across Scotland, England, and Ireland, and we were the top title feud on the only television show that existed for wrestling in Europe. I used to always joke that I was only 19 at the time but he looked 47. We came to America together, wrestled in Florida Championship Wrestling together, and we were both heavyweight champions there. The night I won the Intercontinental title, he won the heavyweight title. Obviously, his career took off and mine took a downward spiral, but I just ended up taking the long way around. We could include so many parts of our past in that feud that have never been featured on television.”

On a possible match with Jinder Mahal: “Having that real background and that history with Sheamus, it’s the same with Jinder. He’s another guy I want to wrestle. People universally praised my title win, but that wasn’t the case for Jinder. We’ve been through so much together, and it would make for some very interesting television.”

On wanting to face Randy Orton: “Look at what Orton did with Edge, it was just on another level. He’s so dialed in with his promos and his work. I mentioned that it’s my job as champion to bring everyone up, but Randy Orton is someone that could bring me up. Randy is just that good, we have very parallel stories, and I would learn a lot from working with him.”

On the Undisputed Era: “Adam Cole stole my moment in NXT during his debut, so we have some history. We did have one match [in 2017] that looking back still makes me laugh. Shawn Michaels was the referee, and all of us had long hair and beards. It looked like it was the dad refereeing his two arguing sons. Adam is so talented and knows how to get good heat. And Roddy Strong, he is legitimately one of my favorite opponents in the world. The entire Undisputed Era is phenomenal. I’d love to work with them.”

On wanting to face Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada: “Before Hunter called me to come back to WWE, the place I was going next was Japan. My style would be perfect there and I could learn so much. The two opponents on the top of my list were Tanahashi and Okada. Ospreay would be great, as well. I wrestled him outside of WWE in a couple of my favorite matches. But still, I have to go with Tanahashi and Okada.”

On his goal as champion: “My goal is to knock every match out of the park and connect with the crowd until it becomes undeniable that the title should be on last. The title wasn’t on the show very much with the previous champion, so this is an opportunity to build up myself and the title. I’ll work as hard as I can to put this title last, like it should be, on every single pay per view moving forward.”

Credit: 411Mania

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