Drew Mcintyre on the Hectic WWE Schedule & Early Days in Professional Wrestling

During a recent interview with Ayrshire Magazine, WWE superstar Drew McIntyre opened up about his journey through professional wrestling so far as he prepares for his first WrestleMania since returning to the main roster.

On his early days in wrestling:

“I loved football. But at the back of my mind the dream was always wrestling, and how on earth can I go about getting this American thing? There was nothing. There was literally no training when I first started in Scotland. When I was 15 my mother spoke to the trainer at the FWA (Frontier Wrestling Alliance) on the phone. She felt comfortable with him and that’s why I was allowed to go there (Portsmouth).

“A year into my training is when we kind of started the modern day wrestling scene (In Scotland). We had an adult who rented a facility in East Kilbride and I, basically, was teaching everybody what I was learning in Portsmouth, like the Jesters, The Lionhearts, The Wolfgang, the modern day veterans I guess. We were just working together in terms of the modern day Scottish wrestling, that is basically the genesis of what you see today.”

On hectic WWE schedule:

“I am not going to lie, it’s 24/7,” he says of the work he has had to put in to achieve his ambitions. “Obviously, I had to leave my family, which is very difficult. I am very close with my family and these days I’ve got my wife who is American, and you know it is very hard to find someone who is understanding of the schedule.

You’re gone basically four days a week, not including tours which are weeks at a time. I’ve just been all over the world with a two week European tour and I am about to leave for Mexico. Then we are going straight from Mexico to Chile and on to Argentina then straight into taping our RAW event. There will be zero time home.”

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