Drew McIntyre Reacts To Recent Scary Incident With Bobby Lashley At WWE Live Event


During a WWE live event in the United Kingdom late last month, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley were involved in a scary incident when the top ring rope snapped, which resulted in Lashley flying head first out of the ring. Thankfully, both men were okay.

McIntyre recently spoke about the incident with CBS Sports and revealed his immediate reaction to the incident and calming down once he saw Lashley was going to be okay.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his immediate reaction to the incident: “For me, it was very quick yet very slow at the same time. When trouble happens, things seem to slow down for me and I’m very aware of what’s going on. I knew when I hit the ropes, something went wrong. I was able to catch myself very quickly and was watching straight ahead, and saw how Lashley went over. So the rope broke as I connected. He was a split second behind me. He had no rope. He went into what should have been the top rope and he continued head over heels at the speed he was going.”

On relaxing when he saw Lashley was okay: “Thankfully, I could see how he landed. He went head over heels. Those giant traps hit the ring apron. His head didn’t connect with the ring apron, thankfully. He flipped himself right around onto the mat outside. I could see he was probably going to be OK. Knowing him, he’d be OK. A guy who just likes to roll around and fight during the day, and take unnecessary falls during the day. I always say, ‘no cameras are watching right now. Why are you doing this to yourself?’ But he enjoys the physicality. I could see he landed safely, and knowing him, I knew he’d be okay. And thankfully, he was okay. In those situations, you can only hope for the best-case scenario. Accidents do happen.”

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