Drew McIntyre Receives High Praise From Former World Champion


Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, DDP recently had some high praise for Drew McIntyre when speaking to Sportskeeda. Page offered the following booking changes for the sinister Scottish Psychopath:

“I think they just have to let him be himself, you know? With WWE, it’s a lot of stories. Guys have different stories that they have to live out. Like, I never saw him as a psychopath. Do you know what I mean? A warrior? Okay, but psychopath? I never saw that.

You know, so, I think that, in the big picture, they’ve just got to let him be himself, and sometimes it takes time.

Look at Stone Cold Steve Austin. When he came in, when he was the Ringmaster, and he was working with Ted DiBiase, he was the same wrestler. He just wasn’t the same guy. They had to let Steve be Steve, and eventually, they did. And we know what happened.”

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