Drew McIntyre Responds to Conor McGregor’s Brand Calling Out Vince McMahon


The Mac Life, the brand owned by Conor McGregor, posted a photoshopped image of McGregor holding both the UFC and WWE Titles.

The post had the caption of, “‘All of the belts’ Do you think we’ll ever see the McGregor billi strut in the WWE? #themaclife #official #conormcgregor #thenotoriousmma #irishmma #ufc #ufcnews #sbgireland #mmanews #mma #mixedmartialarts #fightgame #wwe”. When added to The Mac Life page’s Instagram Story, it was added with “McMahon Vs McGregor CEO Flashmatch”.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre wrote in a response: 

“Big man Conor McGregor picking a fight with ANOTHER 70 year old, you couldn’t drop a guy in a pub, you have no chance against Vince. You’re just the latest guy thinking he can have his PR team stick my title on his shoulder & walk into our world. Stick to whiskey McTapper.”

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