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NewsDrew McIntyre Reveals One Of His Top Three Career Moments, & More

Drew McIntyre Reveals One Of His Top Three Career Moments, & More



Drew McIntyre was a recent guest on the “DC 101 with Mike Jones” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including next year’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view event in Tampa, FL.

Additionally, the Scottish Warrior revealed that he’d call his 2020 Royal Rumble win a top three moment in his career.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the Royal Rumble taking place in Tampa: “Just being in Tropicana, being in a big stadium, it’s gonna have extra level spectacle when it comes to the lights, lasers, pyro, entrances, the over the top and the likes. And they Royal Rumble matches themselves are just non-stop excitement. A new superstar hitting the ring every two minutes. Thirty in total. There’s a man’s match, a women’s match. Everyone tries to throw each other over the top rope and the last person in the ring gets to challenge for the heavyweight championship in each division at WrestleMania so this is the one to check out. And being Mania season, everyone’s bringing that A game, really stepping up their game at the Royal Rumble!”

On his Royal Rumble win being one of his greatest moments: “100%. Top five, top three moments of my career by far. Just considering the journey I’ve been on, all the ups and downs and everything that brought me to that moment and finally to breakthrough that ceiling that I was never be able to breakthrough to get to that next level. And 40,000 people going crazy for winning the Rumble. Finally pointing at the WrestleMania sign and seeing the fireworks go off. It was a very, very, very cool feeling!”

On beating Brock Lesnar without an audience at WrestleMania 36: “It’s cool that we captured it on camera because it was so quiet. It was almost like capturing a private moment and where I was able to take in everything I’ve been through. All the sacrifices, my family, friends to get to that moment. The times we were living in. Again, the thing you would never see because I would always have the adrenaline going. You would see that moment only if you were like, my wife in a hotel room and I was calmed down, I got in a hotel room, that adrenaline came down and I was sitting looking at the title. And that was kind of what we captured at WrestleMania was that private, silent moment that you would never have if the adrenaline was that high. So it was kinda cool that it was captured on camera.”

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