Drew McIntyre Reveals Whether He Prefers Being A Babyface Or Heel, More


During a recent appearance on the “Superstar Crossover with Josh Martinez” podcast, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre commented on his interest in being managed by Paul Heyman at some point, whether he prefers being a babyface or heel, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On whether he prefers being a babyface or heel: “As a babyface right now, I would say. And I think sometimes it’s a fine line because I am the guy that headbutts people and swings swords at people’s heads and gets cheered for it [laughs]. That’s not exactly the most babyface of moves – to chase people around with a giant sword trying to slice them to pieces. I enjoy what I’m doing right now. The real Drew is very much what you see on screen. Very passionate about everything in life, especially this industry. Doing the right thing, but at the same time, the more I get to be myself and the more you get to see the real Drew on TV, the more fun it’s gonna be when I turn, instead of big angry Drew who had no real character and was talking about eating carcasses. Everybody knows who I am, they know what I’m about, and when I turn, there would be a reason I would have to turn to the dark side. It would be something people would have to emotionally invest in because they’d get who I truly am.”

On what manager in wrestling history he’d want to be managed by: “If you say ‘anybody,’ right away, Bobby Heenan is someone who comes to mind. But at the same time, I’ve been around Paul Heyman when he’s been managing some of my opponents like a Brock Lesnar and a Roman Reigns, and I saw what he’s been able to do for them. He is someone that has advised me throughout the years, especially when I was younger and he’s a very, very smart individual. There’s a reason he’s been around for so long, even though he’s been able to cause a bit of heat throughout his career. He’s not shy to speak his mind, and most of the time it’s because he’s right, and some people don’t like that. He’s kept himself within the industry because he is that good. So, I may have to go with Paul Heyman and there may be something interesting down the line. You’re talking about a bad Drew McIntyre with a Paul Heyman. Again, we’re just playing fantasy booker here, but that could be interesting.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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