Drew McIntyre Says He Told His Family To Be Truthful For His WWE 24 Special, More


During a recent interview with Metro, Drew McIntyre commented on his WWE 24 special and telling his family and friends to be as truthful as possible. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his WWE 24 special: It was hard to watch certain parts. I honestly fast forwarded a couple of parts, especially when I’m talking. I wanted to be as open as possible. I told my family and friends, “Don’t hold back. I want this story to be told truthfully…” The thing I’ve found is the more open I am with my fans, the more I’m myself, the more things work… I might be a 6 foot 5, 270lbs hairy Scotsman who looks like he’s fallen out of Game of Thrones or something, but it wasn’t always that way.”

On seeing himself in WWE Battleground: “I didn’t realise you could batter people virtually across the world,’ he laughed as he chatted about the new video game, which puts a big emphasis on being a fun pick up and play experience. The biggest thing that stood out to me, aside from the fact it reminds me of the games I grew up with when I was really young in the arcade, is it’s easy to play. That’s the one thing I always struggle with when I get a new game, it takes me forever to work out how to play it, and then I still can’t do half the stuff. This one, anyone can pick it up.”

On his career journey: “I’m amazed at anything I’m on. As many video games as I’m in, or action figures, or cards I get now and sign. Thirteen years in America doing all this stuff, every single time something comes out with my face on it, it’s surreal to me. It never gets old, it never gets lost on me.”

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