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Drew McIntyre Says He’ll Keep Prodding CM Punk To See If He Cracks



WWE Monday Night RAW Superstar Drew McIntyre hopes CM Punk won’t ‘crack’ eventually, but will keep prodding the ex-AEW wrestler until that happens.

Since Punk’s return to WWE last November, McIntyre has made it clear that he’s no fan of the ‘Best in the World’ who he believes will slip up eventually.

On a recent edition of the “Review STL” podcast, McIntyre was asked about the possibility of himself sharing the ring with Cody Rhodes and CM Punk. He said,

“I hope so. That’s two of our top superstars in WWE. Obviously, Cody returned to WWE a couple of years ago and had a big injury, took him out for nine months, but he has really risen to the top of the card as a crowd favorite. CM Punk is the most controversial guy in wrestling, for sure. He made his return. Seems very positive right now, the crowd is certainly very positive, he’s a huge star. I’m going to keep prodding at him and see if he cracks. Hopefully, if he doesn’t, he gets in the ring with me and I’ll physically crack him. Easy peasy.”.

Rhodes, McIntyre, and Punk will all compete in next week’s Men’s Royal Rumble match. Rhodes won the bout in 2023 while McIntyre secured the coveted win in 2020.

McIntyre stormed to the back after the Men’s WarGames match but before Punk’s return, which raised questions at the time as to whether there was real heat between the two.

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