Drew McIntyre Speaks On Alberto Del Rio Friendship, More


The following are highlights from a recent Sky Sports interview with WWE Superstar and 3MB member Drew McIntyre:


Skysports.com: Do you enjoy being part of a tag team or do you prefer singles action?

DM: I am happy to do anything that comes my way and I will always do my best in anything that presents itself. However, I will be getting in the ring a lot more now that my wrist injury has cleared and I am back to 100 per cent.

Skysports.com: Do you sense there is a resurgence in tag team wrestling at the moment?

DM: I love tag team wrestling. I held the titles in the past with Cody Rhodes – who has just been fired – but tag teams seemed to take a back seat after that. Now, though, with 3MB, The Shield, The Usos and The Prime Time Players, it is coming back in a big way. That’s great because tag teams are a big part of wrestling and we had brilliant teams, like The Hart Foundation, The Rockers, and Legion of Doom, before.

Skysports.com: You are good friends with Alberto Del Rio. How did that relationship blossom?

DM: You can probably imagine how a Scot and a Mexican became such good mates! We are very similar personality-wise, we both love wrestling – he grew up in a wrestling family and I’ve always wanted to be a wrestler – and we are both very passionate about what we do and very driven.

Skysports.com: Which titles in WWE do you consider to be the most prestigious?

DM: The WWE and World Heavyweight Titles are the ones everyone is aiming for and if you’re not aiming for them you are in the wrong business – and I like to think that when the time is right I will get my shot. I have just turned 28 and have lots of years left in me and after being hindered by injury I am ready to get going. I am hungrier and more vicious than I have ever been and I don’t think anyone can match my aggression.

You can read the full interview at this link.

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