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NewsDrew McIntyre Talks About Being Paired With The Undertaker Early On

Drew McIntyre Talks About Being Paired With The Undertaker Early On



Many fans will remember Drew McIntyre’s initial run with WWE as Vince McMahon’s “Chosen One.” But Vince McMahon wasn’t the only one who had his eyes on McIntyre’s development, and recently, the Scottish Psychopath talked about the WWE veteran who helped show him the ropes as he broke into the business.

Early in his career, McIntyre was paired with The Undertaker. He spoke on the Hollywood Raw podcast to talk about sitting under the Phenom’s learning tree, including watching the Dead Man working through injuries. You can read highlights of the interview below:

Being paired with Undertaker early on: “He was awesome. He was put in charge of me, probably against his will, when I was about 23. That was about the time where I think that the powers that be realized that the older generation were starting to retire, weren’t gonna be there forever, and they had to start pushing some youth to the front. And it became the youth movement, and Sheamus and I were kind of the first two people they took as the kind of projects of, ‘Okay, we have to start building for the future’ with Sheamus on Raw and myself on SmackDown. And Sheamus was put under the Triple H learning tree. And I was going to the Undertaker learning tree and Vince said, ‘You don’t listen to anybody but The Undertaker.’

“So that was such an incredible opportunity. And I wish I thought the way I think now back then. Like, his wrestling IQ is obviously off the charts and, at the time, mine was a lot lower than it is now. So many of those lessons that I got, they just flew right over my head. And thankfully, I remembered a few, and light bulbs went off as the years went by. But that was such an amazing opportunity. And to watch how he conducted himself backstage… he just always was the coolest guy in the room. You could feel him when he walked in the room, he had such a presence. If there was a situation, it was always dealt with calmly and by him. So it had such an impact on me in how to be a leader, and how to conduct yourself.”

Watching Taker work through injuries and pain: “To watch him in such physical pain, and I can talk about this stuff openly because of the Last Ride documentary, where I never would speak about this stuff that he was so open about in his life, and what was going on backstage. But I would see him literally unable to walk at times, trying to put himself together in the training room. And this is non-televised shows. Like, I remember a specific one in Mexico City where I was like, ‘He can’t wrestle tonight, my goodness he’s a madman!’ Like, ‘Somebody stop him. Don’t let him go and do this show. He can barely walk.’

“And then I saw him do his entrance — which is always a bit slow, so he can get through that. But all of a sudden, he’s flying around the ring like a Mexican luchador. And I went, ‘How is this possible?’ I literally watched this man unable to walk backstage, now he’s hitting the ropes faster than anybody in the entire WWE, doing his diving clothesline. Hitting all his signature moves, having the time of his life. And he came backstage and he seemed fine ’til that adrenaline goes down. And it was back to the physical problems again. And I was like, ‘Man, look at him right there. That’s somebody that truly loves this industry so much. He’s willing to give everything, including his body to it.'”

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