Drew McIntyre Talks ‘Broken Dreams’ Theme Potentially Returning


Many fans would like WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to bring back his “Broken Dreams,” which was the theme song he used during his first singles run in WWE a decade ago.

He talked about possibly bringing it back during the Battleground podcast.

“Personally, I have visions of it coming back for a special occasion and then hopefully releasing it for download because it is talked about all the time. It was such a popular song. I personally think it’s great. If you look up the ‘Broken Dreams’ lyrics and check the story, it kind of matches my career story, which is interesting. It’s just a little slow for me, right now. I love the bagpipes and war music. It doesn’t quite match the current Drew McIntyre, but I do want to bring it back for special occasions.”

H/T to Fightful

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