Drew McIntyre Talks Fans Making Him Finally Feel Like “The Chosen One” At Royal Rumble 2020


BT Sport recently interviewed WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre after his win at the Royal Rumble last Sunday. You can check out some highlights and a video below:

McIntyre on how he was dubbed the Chosen One when he first came to WWE: “Yeah, it’s mental. I feel over the past couple of months, I think before I was chosen by management hoping something would happen. I think now the fans have been kind of through the journey with me. And it feels more like they’re kind of choosing now, and it feels kind of cool to be like their chosen one. I see everything everyone is saying, and I appreciate it. Everyone knows my story. I don’t look like the typical underdog. I’m 6’5″. I’m Scottish. I’m hairy. I beat people up, but I am an underdog. And people love an underdog story.”


McIntyre on how things have come together for him recently: “It definitely crossed my mind. Things are coming together, and the final pieces, like something was missing since I came back to Raw. It was there when I was gone from the company. It was there in NXT. It wasn’t quite there since I came back. And I just wasn’t a 100 percent being myself. You know, I was very serious all the time. And I always say it’s very hard for the fans to relate to a 6’5″ hairy, gigantic Scotsman who’s scowling all the time. And now, I’ve had the microphone time and just loosened up and having fun. And I’m not necessarily a good or bad guy. I’m just being me. I’m having fun, and if I’m having fun, generally, they’re having fun. And I don’t care how they respond as long as they’re a good time when I’m out there. And if I’m in the ring, I’m still gonna to kick butt.”

Drew McIntyre the reaction to eliminating Brock Lesnar from the Rumble: “I honestly couldn’t even hear them in that moment. I was so focused on the fact that I was going to fight Brock Lesnar and wasn’t nervous. I was ready for it. I took off the gloves. I think I even got goosebumps taking off those gloves. I was like, I’m ready. Right now, in my head, I am ready. I will beat up Brock Lesnar, and also Ricochet lent the assistance. And that Claymore, I ripped his head off and took him over the top rope, like I don’t know if I’ve caught anybody that flush with a kick before, but it was good enough to take out Brock Lesnar. No matter what, I know he’s coming for me, and I’ve got a secret weapon. And it’s that boomstick I call the Claymore.”

Drew McIntyre on how his life will change:“Yeah, what do you think the practice has been for all these years. What time is it? 10:52. We’re going to San Antonio, about three hours away. I have media at six in the morning. I’ve been doing it for years. You know, I’ve been doing all these media nonstop. When I was with the company, I intentionally sought media because I wanted to get better at it at more effectively communicating myself. Obviously, I’ve got a Scottish accent. It’s harder to understand. And I know for Scottish people watching, they don’t like the way I talk. I’m sorry, but we have the thickest, hardest-to-understand accent in the world. And if I spoke the way I used to speak, no one would understand me. And I want the world to understand me. But yeah, it’s bloody mental. I’m ready for it.”

(h/t 411Mania)

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