Drew McIntyre: “There’s Nobody Close To Roman Reigns In The Entire Wrestling Industry”


During a recent interview with Sky Sports, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre gave some high praise to Roman Reigns for his recent work as the main heel on the SmackDown brand, and more. He said,

“He’s on fire. There’s nobody close to him in the entire wrestling industry. That’s why everyone keeps saying to me, ‘Drew and Roman, that’s what’s going to happen.’ I’m sure it’s inevitable that’s going to happen, but I don’t want it to happen right now. He has all this momentum and I’m a very patient man, I’ve been in the wrestling game for over 20 years now. I want to keep building up victories and momentum. I want him to have to watch and go, ‘Alright.’ I know what this guy can do, we fought each other and Survivor Series last year, his cousins interfered, he low blowed me and eventually choked me out. That’s cool, but he knows what I’m capable of these days and I want him to have to watch me build up momentum and when the time is right, we come together, and it’s going to be a huge match for us as superstars, but especially for fans. When the time is right, though.”

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