Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre Wants to Claymore Braun Strowman’s Head Off


WWE tweeted out the following promo earlier today, featuring Drew McIntyre backstage at today’s WWE live event in Liverpool, England. McIntyre said,

“We come to the UK twice a year and a big show at the London O2 deserves a big match and there’s no bigger than Braun Strowman vs. Drew McIntyre. It’s simple. We’re going to destroy each other. Everybody is going to love it, it’s going to be a battle and a war, but here’s the difference between Drew and Braun. When it comes to getting the job done, Braun can’t hack it. He can’t quite cross the finish line, he causes destruction along the way, but he can’t finish it. Drew on the other hand has not been given one opportunity, ever, at the title. I’m going to have to take it at Money in the Bank. I will win that contract, I will cash it in and get the job done. And Braun is going to see this, he’s going to be all upset and come at me head-on, that’s what makes us different. I’m not just physically great like him, I’m mentally great, when you come at me big man I’m going to claymore your damn head off!”

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