Drew McIntyre Wants to Wrestle Goldberg, Gives Thoughts on Bray Wyatt


In a new interview with Sportskeeda, Drew McIntyre discussed the potential of wrestling Bill Goldberg in WWE.

Of course, Goldberg is set to face The Undertaker at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on June 7:

“I hope I can get a match with him so I can beat him. Goldberg is somebody I used to watch as a kid. He has incredible intensity. I’m known for my intensity myself so it’ll be pretty cool to actually have a match with him.”

McIntyre also offered his thoughts on the new Bray Wyatt. As of yet, Bray and Drew have not crossed paths in WWE:

“Same as everyone else. I don’t know (chuckles). It’s so different that it’s hard to put into words right now, but I know the man behind the character and I know how clever and creative he is. He can make anything work. So, if he’s able to be everything he’s able to be, he will be very successful.”

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