Drug Charges Against Bryan “Adam Bomb/Wrath” Clark Dismissed


As we reported back in February of 2020, Bryan “Adam Bomb/Wrath” Clark was arrested and charged with conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise, transporting or selling narcotics, drug possession and possessing a weapon during a drug offense. The charges stemmed from incidents between January and April of 2019 and he later plead not guilty to the charges.

According to a press release that was sent out on Tuesday, the charges were dismissed in Arizona. You can check out the official presser below:


Mr. E. Bryan Clark aka Adam Bomb has finally been vindicated after a long wait due to Covid-19 restrictions. Mr. Clark’s attorney, Robert P. Jarvis, presented the truth as Mr. Clark continually maintained his innocence. The prosecution has permanently dismissed the charges against Mr. Clark. The charges against him were based on police reports containing speculation, grossly misconstrued facts, and false information. It was a difficult process, but Mr. Clark is pleased to have upheld his integrity.

Mr. Clark appreciates his family, friends, and loyal fans who stood by him and gave him support during this long and emotionally draining process. His discipline learned in the military, sports, and throughout his career also gave him strength to keep going. He is also thankful for a strong legalteam led by his attorney, Robert P. Jarvis.

As he puts this ordeal behind him, Mr. Clark looks forward to engaging with his fans as a positive role model.

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