Dustin Rhodes

Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes on When He Plans to Retire, AEW, and More


During a recent interview with Vulture Hound, AEW Superstar Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes commented on when he plans to retire, AEW’s upcoming TV show, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On AEW’s upcoming TV show: “AEW on TNT is exciting. Glad to be along for the ride and to pass on my knowledge to the ones that want help.”

On if he’s talked to Tony Khan about an AEW wrestling school: “I have not spoken to him about it, but I will have one, one day.”

On if acting was a dream of his: “Yes, I have always had a dream to entertain and be considered one of the best actors out there.”

On if being born in Texas had anything to do with his desire to act: “I don’t think being born and raised in Texas had anything to do with me wanting to act. There are those who have it, and those who don’t. There are those that do, and those that don’t. I am a doer.”

On when his in-ring career will end: “I know what my body is capable of, so I do not have an end date to share with you.”

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