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Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes Sends Message to the AEW Roster – Read it Here!


AEW Superstar Dustin Rhodes (Goldust in WWE) released the following statement on his Twitter account, commenting on AEW Dynamite’s debut on the TNT Network next week. He also had a message for the entire roster, which you can see below:

To my AEW family:

This is it guys, all the hard work has brought you to this point. We were all chosen for this team and it’s time to do this. You have worked your asses off and it has shown 10 fold.

We are a team, and with a team there comes responsibilities.

We are fine tuned unit with one goal in mind….. PUT ON THE BEST DAMN PROGRAM THAT WE POSSIBLY CAN!!

Here are some things I am asking you to keep in mind. They all relate to me as well.

0. It is the team working together that will make us successful.
0. We all have a part to play, so play it well.
0. Pick each other up when one falls.
0. Always keep stepping and never look back. You can’t change what is behind you, so focus on what the task at hand is.
0. Believe in this team from the production team, to the front office, to your teammates and most importantly….. believe in yourself.
0. Do not be afraid to always ask questions. If you don’t ask, you won’t know.
0. Have the best attitude to do what you love by entertaining our fans.
0. Be patient
0. Stay positive. This isn’t a race, so just breathe and have some fun. Work your asses off to better your personal brand and our AEW families brand.

On a personal level, I can’t wait to work with all of you. AEW has some of the most talented, passionate performers and production around, and I’m frickin excited. If there is anything any of you need from me, don’t hesitate to ask. Change is here….. The Revolution is here….. Stay safe and let’s do this.

“The Natural”

Dustin Rhodes

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