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Dustin Rhodes Comments on Bruce Prichard Telling Him to Rib The Undertaker As Goldust


During a recent interview with the Inside the Ropes podcast, Dustin Rhodes commented on being told by Brice Prichard to rib The Undertaker by groping him during a commercial break, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On working with Undertaker early on: “Well, Undertaker’s different than most of the talent in the locker room. He is the ultimate leader. If something goes wrong, he reprimands you, you know. He controls s**t. He makes sure everything is worked smoothly backstage, and nobody has any heat with anybody, and he calms it down. He’s like the judge and the executioner. And they came up with this idea that I’m gonna work with Undertaker, and we’re gonna end it in a casket match. So — and I never had a problem talking with Taker, we always got along well, and you know, he listened to all my ideas. And I spit ’em out, and we went out and did ’em. And the thing about Undertaker and myself, in those days it’s different than today. Like, the kids today have to call their spots, spot by spot by spot by spot, man. And then they memorize each one of those things. Sometimes the crowd’s not going to react to the thing that you memorized, so you have to know how to improvise and change it on a dime, and get the people to where you need them to be. And that’s how me and Taker worked, we just kind of — I gave him a couple ideas, and we built a match around it. We had a finish.”

On Bruce Prichard telling him to prank Taker: ” But before that match, the week before at Raw, Bruce Prichard came to me. And him and Undertaker are very, very close friends. He said, ‘I want you to, I want to play a rib on Taker,’ he said. I’m like, ‘Ah, f**k no, Jesus, come on man.’ This is Monday Night Raw here we’re shooting, right? So the rib was, during the commercial break, because we went two segments. So I get him down, you know, we’re both down. Like a double down situation. And we go to commercial. So I’ve got about three minutes to do this rib. So I come up and I start — no, sorry, we were not in a double down. I was still up but Undertaker was laying flat before he would sit up. So I crawled down between his legs when we went to a break. And now, I’ve crawled around and kind of touch Undertaker’s chest, and his head and stuff like that. But I started crawling up his legs. And it’s very sick, I mean just crawling up his legs and getting closer, teasing. Kind of feeling, right. And then I look up at the audience, and I give this big ol’ tongue thing, just the [licks his lips]. And I grab my hand like this and I put it right on his dick. And I’m just rubbing right there, and I’m making these faces all sexual like. And I’m like, ‘What the f**k am I doing? Bruce is gonna kill me…if I don’t do it, you know. And it’s like, Undertaker’s gonna kill me after this.”

On what happened after the segment: “And I run back, and I hide. And f**king Taker’s hot. He’s mad, I mean, mad. You don’t wanna make Undertaker mad. And he comes back, and he’s looking for me. ‘God dammit,’ and he’s cussing and he’s throwing s**t. And Bruce had to calm him down and say, ‘That was me, I told Dustin to do that. That was a rib.’ So he finally calmed down and then he laughed about it, and I poked my face out and knew everything was okay. And we went up and shaked hands and hugged and all that.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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