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Dustin Rhodes Has Some Straightforward Advice For AEW Talent Wanting To Leave For WWE



There have been a lot of discussions recently of AEW talent wanting to quit and work for WWE now that the company is under new leadership. Even Miro suggested the possibility of going back to WWE.

When asked about the possibility of AEW talent switching sides during a panel at Terrificon 2022, Dustin Rhodes gave straightforward advice to anyone wanting to leave.

“Hey man, go for it. I think experience it if you want to. I think if you don’t like the current atmosphere that’s a personal issue, you need to move on, right? Maybe they’ll do something different with you over [in WWE].”

He continued, “I think it’s going to be a change slowly with Triple H at the helm, but it’s going to be a good change … If your contract is up and you’ve had enough with AEW, go. Get the f*** out.”

AEW President Tony Khan recently shot down rumors of him making deals with WWE over certain wrestlers’ contracts. It’ll be interesting to see what occurs next now that many fans and wrestlers feel that Triple H could take WWE in a better direction than where it was heading under Vince McMahon.

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