Dustin Rhodes on What Matt Hardy and Luke Harper Would Bring to AEW


In an interview with The New York Post, Dustin Rhodes spoke about the possibility of Matt Hardy and Luke Harper joining AEW, thinking they would bring creativity to the promotion. Here are highlights:

On Hardy and Harper in AEW:

“I think they’d bring creativity. Harper, man, is incredible. I’ve worked with him many times with the Wyatt Family, me and Cody did, and he knows his stuff and he’s not a greenhorn in the business. He can help people. He can take them to new highs and he can get them there and at the same time get himself over in a company that will allow him to do so. Matt Hardy, if he comes in here, my God, he’s been through so many different variations on YouTube and things like that with WWE. He’s so creative in all the things that he does that when we do it with him, it’s gonna touch gold.”

On Jake Hager:


“Me and Jake aren’t strangers to each other and he came in and he made an impact and he broke my arm, and now I’m just out for revenge. It’s taken me awhile to get there because I went through Sammy (Guevara) first. It’s slowly building and brewing, and last (Wednesday) I got my hands on him a little bit and the crowd, I could feel the energy in the crowd start to rise because I think they’re ready to see it and that’s a good thing.”

On their feud so far:

“Watching those times when dad got his leg broken or his arm broken, just going back with The Four Horsemen and stuff like that, those are special times and I remember them like they are yesterday. It’s really cool that we have this little old-school feel to certain elements of our show with new school. The stuff with Jake, when you can sink your teeth into something and plan for it and make these small elements and bits and pieces and plug them in and they’re there and you finally get your hands on him, you will see it.”

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