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Dutch Mantel Talks Triple H Taking Over As Head Of WWE Creative


In a recent interview with Tru Heel Heat Wrestling, former WWE manager Dutch Mantel (Zeb Colter) gave his thoughts on Triple H taking over as head of WWE creative. He also spoke about getting hired by Triple H in 2013.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Dutch Mantel on Triple H hiring him to WWE in 2013: “He [Triple H] was the one that hired me. You know SummerSlam is in Nashville, that’s exactly where I got hired. I got called on Thursday to be at RAW on Monday. I showed up at RAW on Monday at about 3:30. I met Triple H at 4:30, I did an audition tape, it told me what to say to Vince at 5:30, I was hired at 6:30 and I went live on TV that night at 7:30, Central time. That’s crazy, huh? That’s the way it is.”

On the differences between WWE and Vince McMahon: “This is the way the business used to work. When a territory went down, you’d change the booker. Any business works like that. I think by putting him back in there, a lot of things are gonna change for the better. I think Triple H would bring a new dynamic to the table. I think people won’t be so scared to pitch an idea to him. I think he’ll make a big, big difference. And I do like that he’s gonna put actual people with wrestling experience on creative.”

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