​Early WWE SD Rating #’s + Curtis Axel Hypes RAW, & More


— This past Friday night’s edition of WWE SmackDown drew 2.78
million viewers
. That number is up from last week’s 2.43 million
viewers. The final number will be out shortly.

— During a recent interview with CityPages to promote tonight’s WWE RAW broadcast, Curtis
Axel was asked about what it’s like being a third-generation star from
Minneapolis, Minnesota. Axel said:

“If you look at
the guys who have come out of our state — my dad, Rick Rude, the Road Warriors,
and the whole AWA, really — we produce tough guys. We’ve got a good stock in
Minnesota. It’s always tough to live up to having a famous father and
grandfather, but I’m not trying to be the next Mr. Perfect or Larry the Ax; I’m
trying to be the first Joe Hennig. With a lot of third generation guys, their
fathers are still around to give them advice. Unfortunately, my dad isn’t around
anymore. I wish he was, and I still get good advice from my grandfather, but I
think the fact that my dad isn’t around drives me even more to get out there and
do it for myself.”

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