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NewsEC3 Blasts WWE Creative, Talks Disregarded Angle With Alexa Bliss

EC3 Blasts WWE Creative, Talks Disregarded Angle With Alexa Bliss



EC3 has not been shy when expressing his displeasure with WWE’s creative process.

Speaking recently with Sportskeeda Wrestling, the former TNA standout and NXT Superstar blasted the company’s lackluster efforts with his storylines. EC3 believes this meant his failure there as a performer, labeling it a “trash” move by WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On making an appearance on ‘A Moment of Bliss’: “An endgame to a storyline that was written the day of, and probably disregarded immediately after? There was no endgame. The only directions we [EC3 and Alexa] had were, ‘Anytime EC3 tries to talk, cut him off.’ That was a big joke from the old man [Vince McMahon].”

On his move from NXT to the main roster in 2018: “It was trash. This was something I waited my whole life for… I [felt] nothing. And that’s because I knew the call-up had no foresight, no interest, and it was completely rash.”

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