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EC3 Reacts To The Elite Mocking CM Punk In Chicago



Former Impact Wrestling World Champion EC3 recently commented on The Elite mocking CM Punk during their match with Death Triangle on a recent episode Dynamite in Chicago, IL. The Elite are currently engaged in a best-of-seven series against the Death Triangle for their AEW World Trios Championship.

The aftermath of the All Out 2022 media scrum and the subsequent ‘brawl out’ incident saw CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks being suspended from All Elite Wrestling. While Omega and The Young Bucks made their return at Full Gear, CM Punk is out with an injury and his suspension status is up in the air.

During the second match of the aforementioned series, The Elite mocked CM Punk on several occasions, perhaps because they were in Chicago and were looking to generate heat with the crowd. Nevertheless, former WWE Superstar EC3 recently sounded off on the incident.

Speaking on the most recent edition of The Wrestling Outlaws from Sportskeeda Wrestling, EC3 elaborated on how performing a move that clearly belongs to another Superstar you have heat with helps in generating interest.

“Doing the right thing trumps any sort of hilarious meme or laugh-out-loud GIF you’re gonna get doing the move of somebody you’re never gonna do business with and there’s gonna be no payoff. And it’s just for the buzz, which I do understand getting a little buzz because that does generate interest. I would almost do it in a different way. GTS, I think that’s actually a good idea. I think they’re cool doing it. I would do the move of my enemy if I was never going to see him again and not only does it attract interest and buzz, it tells a story, you get your dig in. Put the move in the realm of wrestling, it’s an effective technique that worked trying to win your match, that’s kind of cool,” he said.

However, he lamented The Young Bucks’ comical spot, referencing CM Punk’s botched Buckshot Lariat at Double or Nothing 2022.

“The fact that you do the botch, I mean that just takes me out of it man.”

However, Vince Russo seemed to have a vastly contrasting take on the incident.

You can catch the latest edition of The Wrestling Outlaws below:

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