EC3 Reveals Why He Signed With Ring Of Honor, Talks Best In The World, More


During a recent appearance on the “Wrestling Epicenter” podcast, Ring of Honor Superstar EC3 revealed why he signed with ROH, and more. For those unaware, EC3 will be facing Flip Gordon at tonight’s Best in the World pay-per-view event. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On facing Flip Gordon this weekend: “I’m intrigued by what would happen between Flip and me as we built to this match. We have not had that many altercations. There’s a lot of story to tell. There’s a lot of differences in similarities which humanizes people that I think could be exploited for some in depth storytelling. We’ve had minimal reactions, interactions on television. But seeing as we tagged and he notably cheated in a match at the 19th Anniversary Show I found out an answer to a question I’ve had, ‘is Honor real?’ When I wrestled Jay Briscoe I did find out that Honor truly is real in professional wrestling. It is not the dilapidated degrading industry that I thought it was. Honor still exist and to be honorable is to not cheat.

“So Flip, I like what he’s done with himself. I like he’s taking away the things like the actual flips, and things of that nature with people that would clap for him aimlessly. We have no context of substance and he’s adding in that substance. So a talent like that is compelling and I’m interested in not only competing with, but showing them the way. Showing them to take back control. Fight for freedom, find their purpose. As far as that though, I respect him and I’ve been watching him for a very long time. At Best in the World I prove that and to be the best in the world, you have to win.”

On if he received other offers after his WWE release: “Yes, the phone rang elsewhere. But Ring of Honor is something I’ve never done. And it’s a storied brand and a legacy that is reinventing itself. It’s finding its own new purpose. It’s something that I want to help build and create. I don’t want to go somewhere where I’m just an interchangeable part. I want to go somewhere, create something, build something, make something special happen based on the hard work I can put in.”

On his brief Impact run being about helping Moose: “That was not about me. It was about Moose. Because Moose has a talent and what the Essential Character sees is talents who don’t truly show who they are. I wanted to bring that out of him. That was my sole reason for returning to Impact. That and also to end Ethan Carter the Third once and for all as that name serves me no more.”

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