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EC3 Says Control Your Narrative Has Made Certain Moves More Effective By Banning Them



Control Your Narrative, the wrestling promotion managed by former WWE and Impact/TNA wrestler EC3, has gained a lot of notoriety due to its unorthodox set of rules, controversial roster, heavy use of video editing, and more.

When CYN was launched, EC3 specifically announced that the superkick, Canadian Destroyer, and tope suicida would be banned.

While speaking on the Wrestling Perspective podcast, EC3 claimed that his promotion has made certain moves more effective by putting a ban on them. He said,

“Part of my reality towards wrestling is how these amazing athletic moves are thrown away by overuse. They have no effectiveness. They have no reason. They have no rhyme, and these are some of the coolest ‘quote’ moves, physical feats that wrestling has to offer, and they’re just they’re thrown away.”

“So by banning them, I therefore made them far more, you know, effective than they have ever been. They mean more, and there have been super kicks on CYN Shows. Every time that’s happened, maybe the Ref’s back was turned, maybe someone got disqualified, but every time somebody got kicked in the face, they were hurt and they lost. So it works. My superkicks work in my company.”

CYN ended their tour this past July following which Braun Strowman returned to WWE.

Since then, EC3 has been wrestling for the National Wrestling Alliance and appeared on the December 6th episode of NWA Powerrr.

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