EC3 Works a Dark Match at SmackDown! Live, Gets a New Manager – Who is it?


Prior to tonight’s WWE SmackDown! Live TV tapings, EC3 worked a dark match and had Drake Maverick as his manager. You can check out several photos and videos from the dark match below:

If the video doesn’t load above, you can click here to view it. The link will pop up in a new window.

From tonight’s Smackdown taping – dark match between Harper and EC3 with Drake Maverick in EC3’s corner. Photo: ⁦

— John Pollock (@iamjohnpollock) April 9, 2019

In many ways the combo of ec3 and drake maverick is very much like me and @Ayresy #top1percent

— Big Apple Taff (wrestle)Man(ia) (@TaffMaster) April 9, 2019

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