​ECW Arena’s Hardcore Hall Of Fame Inductees Revealed


At Saturday’s Wrestling with Disaster, the following men will be inducted
into ECW Arena’s Hardcore Hall of Fame…

* The Blue Meanie (inductor unknown at this time)
* 2 Cold Scorpio,
inducted by ECW founder Tod Gordon
* The Pitbulls, Gary Wolf and the late
Anthony Durante, who will be inducted by their former ECW manager Jason
* Former ECW World champion Shane Douglas, who will be inducted by
Arena General Manager Roger Artigiani and Zac Connor

The Wrestling with Disaster event, which is being filmed for the documentary
of the same name, will also have an autograph signing at 3PM Saturday with Jimmy
Snuka, Da Baldies and everyone scheduled for the live card, which is listed

* Gary Wolf vs. Shane Douglas
* Sabu vs. Afa Jr. (Manu in WWE) vs. 2 Cold
* The Powers of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian) vs. Samu &
* Blue Meanie & mystery partners vs. The Monster Factory
Bilvis Wesley vs. Danny Doring
* Lance Anoia vs. Cory Kastle        

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