Eddie Edwards On Being The New Face For Impact Wrestling, Taking Pride In His New Role


Impact Wrestling World Champion Eddie Edwards was interviewed by Believe in Boston Sports, as Edwards talked about being the new face for Impact Wrestling as their World Champion during the pandemic and how much pride he has for the role.


Being the face of Impact Wrestling during the pandemic:

“Being the face of a company like Impact, in general, is just a huge honor. Especially right now during this pandemic, it’s such an important time for the company. We’re trying to almost rebrand or restart the company after some things that went on. In the match, I won the title we had to change numerous times. So to be the guy that has been hand-picked to be like, ‘Alright, we want you to be the guy to help lead the way,’ it’s something I take absolute pride in.”

Eddie Edwards on wanting to be the face of Impact Wrestling:

“I want to be known as that Impact Wrestling guy. There’s a reason I stayed here for six years. I believe in what we’re doing and I want to be the guy in the locker room that people look to. I’m always going to do everything I’d ask anyone else to. I want to be the one leaving it all in the ring and helping us move forward. I’m happy to say ever since day one when (Davey Richards and I) got to Impact we were treated great. Obviously the offices and the owners have changed, but I’ve always been treated with respect and treated right in my book. Now I feel like everyone in the company, from the offices to the locker room to the ownership, everybody’s on the same page. We all want to take Impact to that next level. They treat me right and I’m happy to represent them.”

His thoughts on working with his wife, Alisha:

“It’s been really cool. We met doing the independent scene around here. You never know how your relationship is going to go when you start working together. We always had our time apart, but it was an absence that made the heart grow fonder kind of thing. So, it was like alright we’re going to be traveling together, staying together, so obviously we had concerns we didn’t know how it was going to go but we hit the ground running. She’s kicked ass (in her career) so it just felt right. It’s nice to have a partner. It’s nice to have my other half with me as we’re driving to the airport at 4 A.M. or making these long drives. She’s feeling some of that same misery I’ve felt over the years. It’s been fun all along and we’ve picked each

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