​Eddie Edwards Praised Backstage In TNA, Who Played The Suicide Character?, Moose’s Contract


Source: Pwinsider.com

Eddie Edwards reportedly received a lot of praise backstage for his work at the most recent set of TNA iMPACT! Wrestling TV tapings, especially after his Six Sides of Steel match against Lashley. That match will air this coming Thursday night on TNA iMPACT! on POP TV.

For those wondering, Jonathan Gresham played the “Suicide” character during the TNA One Night Only X-Division Xtravaganza TV tapings that were filmed alongside TNA iMPACT! last week. There’s no word on whether the company is planning to bring the “Suicide” character back on a weekly basis.

Here is the latest on Moose’s new TNA Wrestling contract. The deal is for two-years, with 110 dates scheduled. As had been previously reported, Moose had been in talks with both ROH and TNA Wrestling after WWE backed off from signing him. He took the TNA deal as “it looked better on paper.”

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