Eddie Edwards Reveals He’s Signed A New Impact Wrestling Contract


Impact Wrestling Superstar Eddie Edwards recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and revealed that he’s signed a new contract with Impact.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On signing a new deal: “I’ve been here for almost eight years, and I’ve done a lot. And there is still a lot more for me to prove.”

On his heel turn promo: “I’ve had some chances with promos over the years, but this was different. I knew the bullet points I wanted to hit, but it wasn’t something I wrote out or memorized. I spoke the truth, and that’s why you can feel what I’m saying. The truth carried that promo. It’s what makes this real. Wrestling means the world to me. I’ve missed birthdays and funerals because I had shows to wrestle. I’ve suffered injuries, I’ve wrestled hurt, I almost lost my eye. But none of that ever made me love it less or want to leave. I’m proud to be a pro wrestler. That’s why that promo means something. It was real emotion.”

On possibly going after Josh Alexander: “Josh is the chosen one, the anointed one. I know all about that. I’ve been there; I was that guy. But it doesn’t last forever, and I’ll help show him that. People are really going to see a whole new side of Impact with this, and I can’t wait to be the guy to show them.”

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