Eddie Edwards Talks His Recovery From Appendectomy


During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Impact Wrestling star Eddie Edwards spoke about suffering from appendicitis and had to undergo surgery for it. 

The surgery happened in May. Here is what he had to say: 

“I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so I did a little kayfabe powder out of the party,” says Edwards, who never lost his sense of humor throughout the ordeal. “I exited stage left, and I tried to sleep it off. The pain kept getting more severe, but I thought it would be silly if I went to the hospital for a stomachache. But a few of the boys came upstairs, they saw how I looked and they encouraged me to go to the hospital.”

“The pain just got worse and worse,” Edwards says. “When I saw the doctor, he quickly could tell I had appendicitis. So I had surgery and stayed in the hospital for a night. I was willing to fly home right away, but Tommy didn’t think I should be flying so soon after the surgery. Impact extended my stay in the hotel for six days, and then I flew home a week later. I’ve been back in the gym, and now I’m good to go.”

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