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NewsEddie Kingston - 'Bryan Danielson Is A F*king Hippie, A Tree-Hugging Motherf*ker'

Eddie Kingston – ‘Bryan Danielson Is A F*king Hippie, A Tree-Hugging Motherf*ker’



In a recent appearance on the “Gabby AF” podcast, Triple Crown Champion Eddie Kingston reacted to those who have criticized him including Bryan Danielson.

Kingston defeated Danielson in the Continental Classic Blue League Semi-Final on the December 27th episode of AEW Dynamite.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On those who have called him a bum previously: “I like being called a bum it’s good. King of the Bums, King of the Underdogs, King of the Lowest of the Low -– I like that.”

On peers not liking how outspoken he was during his early years: “There’s a lot of judgmental motherf*kers that think they’re better than other people. I’ve been judged a lot in wrestling. I’ve been judged all over and it don’t bother me.”

On Danielson calling him ‘a bum’: “He’s a f*king hippie. Bryan Danielson is a f*king hippie, there you go, you tree-hugging motherf*ker. There it is. That’s what he is.”

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