Eddie Kingston Comments On A Possible LAX Reunion In AEW, Talks Hardcore Division


During the latest edition of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Eddie Kingston commented on a possible LAX reunion in AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the idea of an LAX reunion in AEW: “Uh, no … That’s not being adamant, it’s just being honest. They’re [Santana & Ortiz] busy playing touch-butt with Chris Jericho in the Inner Circle. So, I gotta move on too. Diamante has to move on, too. We can’t always be just, ‘Oh, keep the group together.’ You know what I mean?”

On Santana & Ortiz being in the Inner Circle: “You know, Santana and Ortiz — all right, I can bust chops about the Inner Circle. I may not agree with everything that Jericho does in the Inner Circle, or whatever. But he’s taking care of my boys? Fine. Now you know I’m not making a threat here. Because I don’t make threats, I make promises. If Jericho messes with my boys then — yeah, then you know I got to get in. But for right now, no. There’s no need for us to get together. And there’s no need for them to leave the Inner Circle, I guess. And there’s no reason for me to join, and there’s no reason for Diamante to join the Inner Circle or join up with me. We go our own ways, you know? That’s the way I look at it.”

On the idea of a hardcore division in AEW: “No, hardcore matches should be [done] when it’s serious. I mean, when you do something too much it just takes away from it being special. It’s like if we have a cage match every Dynamite show. Sooner or later it’s, ‘Okay. It’s just another one.’ The hardcore matches, and the lights out matches and all that stuff should be saved. It should be saved for something special.”

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