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Eddie Kingston Explains Why It Makes Sense He’s Not in WWE or AEW


Eddie Kingston was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Why he isn’t on WWE or AEW TV:

It does make sense and I’ll tell you why. We talked about it a little bit. It’s a business. If WWE sees something that they can use me for to sell merch or get viewers, then they’ll use me. AEW, same thing. If they see, ‘Oh, Eddie Kingston can bring in this many people,’ ‘Oh, he can sell this many shirts,’ or ‘He’s a good fit here,’ then they’ll use me. And like I was telling you before, I never wanna be that guy that’s just somewhere and I’m just there. There’s no ideas for me, I’m just sitting in the back waiting. Because I did that on my first time at Impact.

You know what I mean? And when I was part of the DCC with Bram and James Storm. After a while, they were just like, ‘All right, sit there Eddie.’ And I was like, ‘Oh,you know.’ [shrugs] ‘I’m here’…they had nothing for me, but I’m still under contract so I have to show up and I have to sit there … I would get paid if I wasn’t on [due to the pay-per-appearance contract], but I had to be there. So that’s why I don’t want to be that guy.

Not hitting up people in AEW for work:

Everyone’s like, ‘Oh man,’ because I know people at AEW. And like I told you before, I won’t — I don’t know if I’ve said this publicly. But when I hit up certain people at AEW who are in control, I don’t hit them up like, ‘Hey man, I need a job.’ I’ve been hitting them up for years, saying, ‘Hey, your kids are getting big.’ Or, ‘Hey man, congratulations on this and that.’

And I would feel like a real piece of s**t or a real f**kboy if I go, ‘Hey man, your kids are getting big. P.S., I really need a job and I wanna make some of that Tony Khan money’ … how much of a douchebag is that though, for me anyway personally. So that’s why I’d never ask.

It being tough for him to ask people to put in good words for him:

It’s hard, you know what I mean? I asked again — I don’t wanna mention names, but I asked certain people at AEW. And it was so hard for me to do it, like I was so uncomfortable in my skin. I was like, ‘Hey man, you mind throwing my name out there?’ They’d be like, ‘Yeah Eddie, of course. What’s wrong?’ And I’m doing this [mimes itching self uncomfortabley], scratching. And they were like ‘Yeah, Eddie, we’ll do it,’ and then later on in the night I’ll go up to them and go ‘Yeah, I’m sorry.’ And they’re like, “What are you sorry for?’ I’m like, ‘I f**king asked you for a favor.’ It just doesn’t feel right, you know?

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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