Edge Comments On The Undertaker’s ‘Soft’ Comments, Christian In AEW, More


During a recent edition of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Edge commented on The Undertaker’s “soft” comments, Christian “jumping ship” to AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On The Undertaker’s comments on the current WWE locker room being soft: “I don’t really put too much thought into it. I think if you step foot in a wrestling ring, it’s a tough gig, no matter what era. No matter what decade, no matter what it was. If you’re Lou Thesz or Cesaro, it’s a tough job. I think with every generation, or every era, comes a different set of challenges, though. While, let’s say, the Attitude Era, it was the amount of shows. It was the travel and the grind of that and what that does to you physically and just, ‘OK, there’s another year. Got through another one.’ Now, I think there’s the challenges of there’s always a camera in your face. Whereas before, backstage was our safe place. Now, there’s a camera everywhere. Then there’s social media and if you go down that wormhole, and the toxicity of that, if you let it affect you. Those weren’t there before. So, I think it’s just, there’s always going to be some challenges. There’s always going to be some form of something to overcome. I think it just becomes different. Sometimes, those differences can be hard to relate to.”

On Christian signing with AEW: “I’m not bummed. I want him to be happy, and I want him to get the respect that he deserves. I’d like for him to get the on-air respect that the locker room shows him because if you ask anyone within our industry, he’s one of the names where people go, ‘Man, that dude.’ If you watch the latest Broken Skulls Sessions with Randy Orton, and you watch Steve [Austin] and Randy talk about [Christian] and what he brings to the table – I just want him to be wherever he’s going to get that respect. Whatever the initials are, he’s my best friend. I want him to be happy, and I want him to be able to do hopefully what I get to do, which is go out on your own terms and see this thing through properly instead of just like, ‘You’re done.’ Wait, what? I’m what? We’ve both been in that scenario. So, I just want him to go wherever that’s gonna be.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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