Edge Discusses The Creative Changes In WWE, Working With Damian Priest


WWE Superstar Edge recently spoke with Bleacher Report’s Graham GSM Matthews to discuss the recent creative changes in WWE, putting together his RAW match with Damian Priest, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On pitching Damian Priest matchup to Triple H: “I sat down with Paul [Leveseque] and I saw that Toronto was coming. We have this storyline with The Judgment Day. It felt like the perfect opportunity to do what we kind of used to do, which was promote a Raw match almost a month in advance. I thought it seemed like the perfect opportunity and a special moment too.”

On his thoughts on the current creative regime: “I’ve had a lot of creative input and that’s having 25 years of equity with the company. In that regard, it doesn’t change a lot, but what’s so fun to see is that it’s going dressing room-wide now and that’s really cool. I think everyone feels super excited and stoked and just ready to see how certain things go. You can already see that’s happening. I think Paul looks at things like a fan because he still is a fan of this, just like I am. It’s bringing back Karrion Kross and Dakota [Kai]. It’s a really fun time to be involved with the company.”

On the changes that were made with Judgment Day: “So far, I’ve had a blast going to work and getting to do a storyline with Priest and Balor and Rhea [Ripley]. It was kind of floating there for a little while. Now, it’s getting a direction and that’s really, really fun. We had to make some changes due to injuries and stuff like that, and you just have to adapt.”

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