Edge Falsely Advertised For Event, Legends House Plans


— Christian took to Twitter and debunked a rumor that Edge was going to be attending an autograph session in New York in April, saying: If ur planning on going 2 meet Edge @ autograph session @ Omega Sports, Queensbury, NY Apr 21 he WON’T be there..Unfortunately owner of store was fooled by someone claiming to represent Edge.. Hopefully something like this doesn’t happen again.


— Independent wrestler Joey Ryan is in the running to host the 2012 MLB Fan Cave. The contest goes through February 22nd and is down to fifty contestants. Ryan filmed his video entry for the contest at the Ring Ka King tapings in India.

— There was talk last week of having the WWE Legends House debut on SyFy April 17th. That is a Tuesday night. There were some people surprised that WWE couldn’t get the show on the USA Network.

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