Edge Is Working On Bucket List Item With Beth Phoenix


WWE Hall of Famer Edge has said he is planning on writing a children’s book with his wife Beth Phoenix.

Appearing as a guest on Steven’s Wrestling Journey, the Rated-R Superstar revealed the plan and said he and the Glamazon would provide the images and story:

“I love to draw. I love illustrating and I love writing. [At] some point, I wanna do a children’s book and… yeah, I wanna release a children’s book and Beth [Phoenix] wants to as well so we might… we might partner up. We’ve written some stuff already so, and Beth can also draw as well so, between the two of us, I think at some point, we’ll release a children’s book.

“I think we got an idea. Yeah, it’ll definitely be a kid’s book. That’s always kind of been a bucket list thing of mine too so, and I know it has been for Beth as well so, that’s one thing I think I’d like to do that maybe a lot of people don’t know.”

Edge will face AJ Styles at WrestleMania 38 in AT&T Stadium, in Arlington Texas.

You can check out the full interview below:


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