Edge Jokes About The Great Khali Grabbing The WWE Championship At Battleground


Following The Great Khali returning to WWE to help Jinder Mahal retain the WWE Championship, he & Mahal stood atop of the entrance ramp & celebrated. In what was a funny moment, The Great Khali grabbed the championship as if he was the one who had won the match.

On a recent edition of Edge & Christian’s Podcast Of Awesomeness, Edge joked about the moment where Great Khali was once again, a holder of the WWE Title.

Edge“My favorite part of the entire thing was Khali grabbing the heavyweight title away from Jinder and holding it up so he would get that photo-op in the Indian newspapers the next day. ‘Great Khali’s Champion!’ or something. You know that’s what’s going through his mind, he grabbed it and you could see Jinder going like: ‘What…what are you doing, man? You’re taking my belt? What?’ And they had a little tug of war over the thing. I was losing it, I was like: ‘Khali, you bastard, you’re still that way, okay, yup!’ Then he handed it back to Jinder, which was nice of him, that was my favorite part.”

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