Edge on Part-Timers & Modern-Day Heels


In an interview with Inside The Ropes, Edge spoke openly about the modern-day dynamic of the protagonist and antagonist in wrestling. He openly praised The Miz for being able to get the fans to vilify him when necessary even when it’s not what the crowd was aiming for:

I think there’s shades of grey, but that that’s always been the case. I mean, people cheered Roddy Piper, too. Cheered Macho Man, too. It might not have been as prevalent. And I think a guy today, a guy like The Miz, proves that it can be done. And once he starts to feel the audience, maybe get on board with them, he does something to make sure they hop off that ship pretty damn quick. So it’s possible. To me, the key is 100 percent commitment to wanting to be. And that can be a difficult thing sometimes because you hear those cheers and it can be addictive. Right? And it truly is one of those things, though, in order to make it work, you just have to go full bore.

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Edge, who retired right before the boom of part-time performers, also spoke about what it’s like to have legends return to the ring on a part-time basis and how talent should up their game accordingly so that they can be noticed when those opportunities arrive:

You know, I’ve never had a problem with it personally. I always looked at it. If, you know, if I’m a performer and you have these, you know, acts coming back, the way I tried to look at it was right. If they bring more eyeballs and if I work my tail off to get on that show, more eyeballs are now going to see my performance. That’s how I tried to look at it. And I think that was I don’t know, it felt like incentive when I’d see like, let’s say Hogan coming back at WrestleMania [18], you know. And Hall and Nash and all of that. I looked at it as, “OK, right. I’m gonna work my butt off to get on that show no matter what.”

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