Edge Q&A – Surgery, Who He’d Wrestle, Divas & More


Edge has continued to answer questions from fans following his neck surgery via Twitter. Check out some of the highlights:

On women’s wrestling in WWE: “I don’t think they get a shot, and that’s why most leave. No incentive.”

On who he would face if he could have one more match: “@Christian4Peeps or @steveaustinBSR”

On where people can get his WWE Studios film Bending the Rules: “in any bargain bin near you”

On whether another autobiography is on the way: “really depends if enough people want it I guess”

On claims that he’s not a fan of wrestling anymore: “not at all, I still love wrestling, it just doesn’t consume my life like people assume it should. To me that’s not healthy”

On whether his recent neck surgery was successful: “very, can’t say enough about my doc, Dr.Maroon at UPMC”

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