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NewsEdge Reveals Why He Announced His Royal Rumble Return Ahead Of Time

Edge Reveals Why He Announced His Royal Rumble Return Ahead Of Time



During a recent interview with Vibe and Wrestling, Edge revealed the reason why he announced his 2021 return ahead of time, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On making his Royal Rumble return last year: “The Rumble last year was so overwhelming on so many fronts, first of all getting the news that I can do this again. I knew the working that I was putting in but you still don’t know that work will cost that result that you are hoping for. I am very big on visualization, I believe that if you dream it you can make it happen and the Rumble was the realization of these dreams that I had and then I had to work to make those dreams come true. When I see that now it almost feels like a decade ago because so much is happened in the interim obviously with the world and what we all have been struggling through and we are hopefully finding our way through.”

On WrestleMania in an empty arena: “We get to WrestleMania and probably it was probably the strangest for me because it was soooo empty and it was soooo quiet and it was so unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced in terms of performance especially within the confines of the world of wrestling. That was a weird one, that was hard. I’m so thankful that I had an opponent like Randy Orton because it made what it was fairly an impossible situation seem possible. Then we get to Backlash and I am super excited about that. Just to get in and wrestle. That’s all I wanted to do. I just wanted to back in and exchange wrestling holds and do it with one the best that has ever done it. Didn´t want to get injured but that’s what happened. Sometime I push myself a little to hard but that’s the way I am wired, I don´t know.”

On his return this year: “Now here we are, fast forward to this Royal Rumble and I didn´t want to try to recreated last year because it is not possible. We can’t have nine years off again and this comeback story so I thought that it was a good idea to announce that I was going to be in it and kind of state, basically my mission statement as to why Edge is coming back and this is why Edge is coming back to do. So if chapter one of this second half of my book got cut off, well here is where we picked up and is where I wanted to get to and now we are just fast forward into that and now we are trying to make this fairy tail… take it whatever it goes. I am hoping that is compelling television, that’s really the main goal”.

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