​Edge Reveals WWE’s Plans For Him Before His Retirement, Talks Jeff Hardy, & More


Former WWE Superstar Edge was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated and discussed WWE’s plans for him before he was forced into retirement and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On his thoughts on Jeff Hardy: “The fact that he is still able to move, at this point, is amazing. He’s made of plasticine. Even just his energy, he’s very loose. He’s an easy-going guy, and maybe that translated to his body being able to absorb all that punishment through the years. I don’t know, but he’s still going, and that’s a fact.”

On WWE’s plans for him before he was forced into retirement: “I was champion and I wanted to pass this on to whomever it was eventually, so it really hit home when I was told, ‘We’re not going to allow you to compete anymore.’ We did have a tentative plan to go forward once [Alberto] Del Rio and I were through our program. Christian would have cost me the title to Del Rio, and then we would have moved on and done our thing – and I thought he would retire me at WrestleMania. That’s how I wanted to go out. I wanted to do the favor, drop the title, and then have Christian be the cause – then spend the final few months of my career wrestling my lifelong best friend, and really have him go off in a great heel direction once I retired.”

On who he would have liked to wrestle: “If you put a heel “Rated R Superstar” with Sami Zayn as a babyface, that would be something I would like to do. Seth is already set and already in a position where he’s OK, but if I ever came back, I’d like to wrestle somebody that I feel deserves to be in a top spot and show why. Sami is a guy I look at and go, ‘Man, that guy is so super talented.’ I’d love to get in there as a heel with Jeff Hardy. I loved wrestling Jeff in terms of his selling and all those things, or a match against Christian.”

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