Edge Shares a Story of When He Surprised Umaga With Body Paint at WWE Live Event


WWE Hall of Famer Edge took to Instagram on Saturday, sharing a story about surprising Umaga with body paint at a WWE live event. He said,

“There’s a little backstory to these pics. Umaga, aka Ecky, aka Uce (if he liked you) and I traveled together quite a bit. We also teamed together on a lot of house shows (non televised). The first pics are from a one-time only main event in Lexington, KY. Umaga/Edge vs. The Hurricane and The Great Khali. Yes, that was the main event. Thank god for Hurricane. Anyway I hatched a plan to supply The Samoan Bulldozer with a new partner: The Canadian Backraker. I hid from him all night and with @sinnbodhi artistic flare we sharpied Canada across my stomach, to match Eck’s Samoa stomach tat. I ribbed myself, it took weeks to come off fully. Thankfully we wised up and used paint for my tribal maple leaf facial design. Seeing the look on his face captured in the first two pics made it worthwhile. The last pic is how I felt. I always knew he had my back. Miss you Uce. Happy birthday.”

Shane “The Hurricane” Helms posted the following in the comments section,

“We had a blast that night. I remember going to tag out once and you pulled me back and said, ‘Nah, you stay in!’ Y’all kept my ass in the ring 99% of the match. Great times. Thanks for the memories buddy. And Happy Birthday Uce! Miss ya.”

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