Edge/Tommy Dreamer Autograph Signing Report, Ambrose/WWE


Partial Source: Prowrestling.net

— As we noted yesterday here on the website, NXT wrestlers Dean Ambrose and Xavier Woods worked the WWE live events over the weekend. Ambrose cut heel promo saying WWE was afraid to put him on their main TV programs.

— As as noted yesterday, Yoshi Tatsu was working as a heel at weekend WWE live events, teaming with Darren Young and Titus O’Neil to face Justin Gabriel and The Usos at Saturday night’s SmackDown live event in Anaheim, California. Following the match, Tatsu tweeted the following… “Did you know? #DarkSideYoshi reviewed himself tonight in Anaheim!!! #DarkSideJustice #YoshiRevolution #NeverGiveUp”

Anthony Alston sent this one in:

The event was well organized and all the fans that attended were very respectful from what I observed. The signing was from 2pm-5pm. I arrived at 3:45. For $100 you got 1 picture and one autograph with Edge. For $25 you got one picture and one autograph with Dreamer. With the Dreamer signing, you had the option of either one picture or one autograph for $15 or you could get both for $25. With Edge you had to pay $100 or you couldn’t meet him. A little steep, but how many times will Edge come to Philly? Thus, I said what the hell?

Both guys were extremely cool, but Edge was by far the nicest guy I have met in the business. From speaking with one of the D&B employees the turnout wasn’t what they expected. She said that roughly 116 people showed (I was 113). Depending on what the final tally is, it will determine if they do another signing here is what she told me. Rob Feinstein has another signing scheduled for 12/15 with Kelly Kelly and “other surprises” so we shall see. Anyway back to the actual signing.

It was a decent turnout from what I could tell but not overwhelming. There were plenty of big screens set up which people appreciated because we wanted to see the Eagles game (lord knows why after their performance today, but that’s another rant for another day). RF Video had a huge merchandise table set up but folks were mainly just window shopping. They had great stuff but after spending a 100 bucks to meet Edge it’s understandable why some folks passed. Edge and Dreamer were in a private room that you could not get into without a ticket. My wait in line actually wasn’t too bad as I would say I met Edge roughly 30 minutes after arriving.

Edge took time out to speak with everyone, which was extremely cool as a lot of signing tend to be a quick how ya’ doing and on to the next one. Edge seemed genuinely happy to be there. I asked him if he had plans to come back to Philly and he told me he might as he’s been here twice over the past month (Smackdown taping a few weeks ago) and enjoyed it.

I also joked with him about how Tony Chimel’s voice always seemed to crack as he introduced him every time. Edge said that was actually an inside deal between him & Chimel as Edge would always hammer him about how he gave Cena these elaborate intros, but when it came to Edge it wasn’t special. I got my picture taken and autograph and it was off to meet Dreamer.

Dreamer was nice, but seemed drained – understandably so after the House of Hardcore debut on Saturday. I congratulated on the success of the show and asked if they were coming to Philly. He said they are planning another show and it will definitely be in Philly. Overall, it was well worth the price of admission, as Edge was a true class act. In fact the D&B employee I spoke with said that he was extremely nice the whole day and wasn’t anything like the jerk he played on TV. Dreamer was nice as well, but Edge was the star of this show.

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