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NewsEditorial: The Antagonist.. Deep In My Thoughts

Editorial: The Antagonist.. Deep In My Thoughts



The Wrestling Antagonist

Deep in my thoughts.

Well first off, let me apologize to my dearest readers. I checked out this week and haven’t been able to voice my insight on the current state of wrestling in over a week. So too all 8 of you I apologize for your sleepless nights, I’m fine. Now let’s get knee deep in the shit shall we?

You heard it folks Dave Batista is on the comeback path. Now me personally, I’m stoked. Sure there’s more than a few skeptics on big Dave, and the critics of the IWC are already voicing their disapproval. A bunch of guys are gonna be shuffled back down the ladder to make room for the star power of Batista, and that may anger you, but here’s something for you to consider, the roster sucks. Oh please don’t push Damien Sandow out of the main event picture which he currently doesn’t occupy at all, nor will he in the foreseeable future. Have you ever even given though to what an elimination chamber match would look like if we had one like right now? You’d have Punk, Bryan, Orton, and Cena. Anyone else would be a mark put in for some kind of color, and since you don’t have Jeff Hardy to go in and do something crazy just for entertainment you’re stuck with probably Big Show and Alberto Del Rio… sweet. WWE needs star power, if forces a separation between the mid card and the main event. Some will find popularity and some will show they’re a dud. It’s happening, deal with it.

On the note of returning stars, I would venture to say WWE isn’t done quite yet. I think it’s a forgone conclusion Hulk Hogan is gonna be popping up soon. He should be accompanied with RVD, Y2J, Brock Lesnar, and even a possible Goldberg. If history proves correct, WWE slappys should probably sit down for this next part if you’re not already. Historically WWE has done a sort of “house cleaning” just before a major surge in returning talent. All the names I listed above are almost definites, but if you’re not a fan of TNA, Impact Wrestling, Dixie Championship Wrestling, whatever it’s called now a days, you probably aren’t aware of the impending death over on Spike channel. AJ Styles is caught in mystery if he is legitimately under contract with TNA or if he is a free agent. Jeff Hardy is currently rumored to be limping towards the exit, and Sting rumors are already running ramped as well. So one if not all of these guys will probably be sending feelers out to Titan headquarters soon, if they haven’t already. So with that said, in the past we seen days where 5, 6, 7, or more young talents were suddenly released without warning. It’s always done too free up cash just before WWE signs a bunch of top dollar talents. NXT is pretty crowded as is, and I don’t see a lot of main roster guys taking a demotion to Orlando very well. Watch your newsfeed, talent cuts are coming.

Back on the subject of TNA… wow. I’ve been a fan of TNA since they went main stream on TV about a decade ago. I had so much hope for the company, I went to shows, bought PPVs, and even a little merch. I was so enthusiastic of the company, I wanted to see real competition for WWE, something to stir the pot and provide some alternate wrestling outside the realm of PG. TNA appears to have officially thrown in the towel. In all my years of being a wrestling fan I’ve never seen so many busts in one organization. The Hogan/Bischoff regime was a complete flop, and one could argue the beginning of the end, the attempt to challenge WWE on Monday nights was a disaster, and taking Impact on the road was the most embarrassing thing since the debut of OZ. Even the match quality in TNA has suffered, I find myself watching the finish of matches and sitting puzzled with a “wait… is it over” look on my face. If that’s not bad enough you’re letting your best talents peace out to hang on to guys like Zima Ion? Where is Matt Morgan, where is Crimson, why did you kill Abyss? So many questions and all I can think is how must Jeff Jarett feel watching his dream burn. My only hope now is that she goes down quietly and painless, and maybe the absorption of its talents by WWE will improve their show instead. It’s a waiting game now.

So the final piece of stupidity I want to address is… IWC fans. What the fuck is wrong with you? Some of you that is. I have to return to the Batista issue, as I scrolled through comments (yes I read them) I found repeated fans crying a familiar tune “oh way to ruin the surprise again…wah wah… bitch”. First of all, why in the name of God are you on a wrestling news and rumors site if you don’t want to hear breaking news. Do you not understand that’s what these sites do? No you don’t, you’re the same sheep WWE prays on, you obviously can’t think for yourselves or else you’d avoid sites where insider news is posted. I mean honestly… why are you here? I can’t answer that, but I would assume you’re the people WWE targets every time we see four grown men playing with WWE bashing buddies in promos between segments on RAW and PPV. Laughin your asses off pissin your dungarees.

Thanks for reading everyone. As always follow me on the WWE pace maker Twitter @MikeyPellerito and let me hear your tweets for upcoming articles. It feels good, click the Follow button. Peace!

How are you possibly upset this is gonna replace this…


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